4 Step Approach in Bowling


Here you will find step-by-step instructions for the 4 step approach in bowling. The entire approach is broken down into each position, beginning with the stance and going through to the finish.

While learning the 4 step approach in bowling, it is important to associate the movement of the feet with the position of the hand and the arm during the swing. Each foot movement here is numbered to the corresponding position of the hand and arm.

The Stance – Position 0:0

The right foot moves out and under the ball, while at the same time you move your arm forward. Your body should be relaxed yet still strong. Bend your knees at about a 15 degree angle, and tilt your body forward slightly.

The position of both the feet and bowling hand in the stance is 0. This numbering system will continue through this break down of the 4 step approach in bowling.

Your individual bowling tempo will dictate the height at which you hold your bowling ball.  Speedier bowlers usually hold the ball lower during their stance, while slower bowlers tend to hold their ball up higher. Most bowlers hold the ball between waist- and chest-high, on the right hand side of the body (or the left hand side of the body for left-handed bowlers). Grip your bowling ball with your bowling hand while supporting some of the ball’s weight with your other hand. The bowling hand should be directly under the ball. As you practice, you will find a comfortable spot.

There are 2 rows of dots on the bowling lane that will help you determine your starting position. The first row of dots is 12 feet from the foul line, and the second row is 15 feet from the foul line. Use the dots as you get into your stance, and keep your shoulders at a 90-degree angle to the target. Be sure to hold your wrist firm and keep it straight. The elbow on your bowling arm should be tucked close to your hip. Slightly bend your knees and keep your feet pointed toward the bowling pins.

Bowling Step 1 – Position 1:1

Before taking your first step, make sure to stand up straight and stay balanced. In the stance, you have one foot in front of your body and one foot in back. On the first step you move your right foot one step forward, while at the exact same time your right arm pushes the ball away from your body and down toward your right foot.

Your bowling ball should be just above your right foot when step 1 ends. Your left hand can continue supporting the weight of the ball through this first step.

Note: Left handed bowlers move take their first step with their left foot, while using their left arm to push the ball out and down over their left foot.

4 Step Approach in Bowling - Part 2