4 Step Approach In Bowling – Part 2

Continue on for further step-by-step instructions for the 4 step approach in bowling:

Bowling Step 2 – Position 2:2

To start step 2 of the 4 step approach in bowling, your right hand is next to your right knee. Begin your swing by bringing your left foot forward while moving the ball in a downward arc. As your right arm swings down, release the ball when it reaches your ankle. Then follow through by bringing your arm up to point at the ceiling, in a lift. The swinging of your arm should form a half circle, and you should follow through with your arm crossing the foul line. Your right hand should complete the release as the step begins. The ball should be next to the left calf when step 2 ends.

Bowling Step 3 – Position 3:3

Step 3 is when the ball heads into the backswing. While keeping your posture straight, bring your arm to the top of your swing and move your left leg back.

Next move the right foot forward, then swing the ball back and up to its highest point. The ball should be about even with your shoulders.

Bowling Step 4 – Position 4:4

Step 4 is where you bring in some slide and be sure to follow through. It is important to continue through your release in step 4 and completely follow through without stopping or hesitating. On the 4th step, the ball arcs downward as you slide your right foot to the side and behind your left leg. During this leg motion, lower your hips and adjust your weight so you wind up in a sitting position with the bottom half of your body bent about 15 degrees forward.

Developing good timing is essential to becoming an expert bowler, and if you can count out these 4 steps your timing will improve. Steer clear of early or late timing. Early timing is when the ball beats your foot to the foul line. Late timing is when your foot is ahead of your swing. A good way of testing your timing is to record yourself bowling and watch your timing.

There is also a 5 step approach to bowling, where a person takes a baby step on their left foot to get a jump start. There is no ball movement during this extra step.

Always pay attention to your position and be sure to avoid sliding over the foul line on step 4. Crossing the foul line is called a foul shot, and you get zero points for that shot even if you knock down pins.

The Finish Position

As you finish your approach, you want your leg planted firmly in front of your knee and bent at about a 45-degree angle. You should be leaning forward slightly – about 15 degrees. If you look from the side, your nose, knee and foot should be lined up and kept in a straight line as you slide up to the line. This position adds power to your approach. If you look from the back, you should have your right leg crossed over, your right arm pointing up and your left arm out straight to help you keep your balance. Your slide foot should be directly below your head in a straight line. You also want to form a diagonal line across your body with the right leg and your right arm.