Bowling Accessories

A Quick Guide To Selecting Bowling Accessories

Just what bowling accessories do I need? This is a question well worth asking. The novice, and even the occasional bowler, can go through life using the balls supplied at the bowling lanes, and renting bowling shoes, never having to worry about, or even think about, a need for bowling accessories.

As a bowler begins to bowl regularly, perhaps even entering into league play, the first step is going to be the purchase of his or her own bowling ball. Once that is done, a need for the first accessory becomes evident. People just don't walk around carrying a bowling ball. It gets uncomfortable after awhile, and also looks strange. So, the first accessory is a bowling ball carrier.

It used to be that a hand carried bag, or tote, was all that was every used. The tote bag still serves well today. Many however, are electing to go with the roller bag, either because one doesn't have to contend with the weight of the ball for longer distances, or two, or even three, balls are to be carried. A roller bag will normally have space, or compartments, for shoes and other bowling accessories. There are also two-ball totes on the market, but carrying around 32 pounds of bowling balls can get tiresome.

Shoes are generally the next item purchased. While you'll normally be able to rent a pair that fit well, it's always a little nicer to have your own pair, especially if you bowl week in and week out. Needless to say, there are products that go along with the shoes, such as polish, cleaners, and shoe covers.

A problem usually encountered during an evening of bowling is, the hands sometimes get damp, or oily, and the ball becomes a bit difficult to grip. There are at least three solutions here. One is a bowling glove, designed to fit comfortably, and ensure a good grip on the ball. Once a bowler gets used to using a bowling glove, it becomes almost impossible to bowl without one. A bowling towel, typically terry cloth or microfiber, is another solution, and can be used to keep the ball clean as well. If you do buy a bowling towel as opposed to just an ordinary towel, you're probably paying something extra for the logo. That might be OK.

A third solution to keeping a good grip on the ball is an article called a dry grip ball. This is simply a lightweight, soft and squeezable ball, designed to keep your hands dry during a bowling session. This may be a good choice if you don't wish to wear a glove.

There are other bowling accessories as well. Some are very practical, some make nice gifts, and some are for the bowler who has everything else. Special apparel may or may not be needed, though some league bowlers like to dress alike, or wear custom shirts or tee shirts. Besides shoes, the basic bowling accessories are really those used to carry the ball, keep the ball and you hands clean and dry, and aid your grip.