Bowling Accessories And Equipment

Having the proper bowling accessories is a requirement for all good bowlers. Anyone who is serious about bowling must have their own equipment, and a pro shop is a great place to start because you can ask questions and usually get good advice on what will work best for you.

The two most important bowling accessories are your bowling ball and your bowling shoes. This quick guide has some tips on how to choose your very own ball and shoes.

One of the biggest parts of choosing a bowling ball is choosing the right weight. If your bowling ball is too light, it may negatively impact your swing during approach and also on release. Get a ball that is too heavy, and your swing will suffer from the excess weight. Although it may seem like a heavier bowling ball will knock down more pins, this it not true. Lighter balls can be thrown faster and manipulated more, so they can usually knock down more pins.

You can check out good bowling ball weights by testing out house balls right at the bowling center. Hold your hand straight out in front of you, about waist-high, with your palm facing up. Experiment with different ball weights by setting them in your palm. The ball that causes your hand to move down slightly will probably be a good weight for you.

Once you figure out your perfect bowling ball weight, you want to make sure your ball properly fits your hand. Good fit is important, because a ball that fits your hand poorly may cause you to squeeze the ball since it feels loose. This can throw off your delivery.

Always try your ball before starting a new game to see how it feels. The feeling and fit can change from time to time due to air temperature or finger swelling. If the ball feels too loose, put some tape inside the thumb hole for a tighter fit. If the hole starts feeling snug with the tape, you can always take some out and adjust it until it feels just right.

Now that you know how to choose the correct weight and fit of your bowling ball, let’s move onto choosing the right bowling shoes. Bowling shoes are generally the same size as your regular shoes. Some bowling shoes have a variable heel and sole, which may help you adjust to changing lane conditions. Bowling shoe soles are made with various materials. Some slide better on wooded bowling surfaces and some perform better on synthetic bowling surfaces.


Sometimes temperature can influence bowling lane conditions and have an affect on your approach. A tackier lane will not be as slippery as a lane that is not as sticky. Test out the lane’s conditions during your warm-up shots and see if you are able to slide easily. If your bowling shoes have a variable heel and sole, you can change them depending on the conditions before each game.

There are a few other bowling accessories that most serious bowlers will want to keep with their bowling equipment:

Bowling Bag


Bowling Ball Cleaner and Polish


Bowling Glove and Wrist Support


Bowling Towel and See-Saw


Grip Aids or Grip Sack


Bowler’s Tape