Mental Game of Bowling

As with all sports, the mental game of bowling is one of the most important aspects of the game. No matter what their skill level, every bowler has off days when things just do not go well, but successful bowlers never let a bad game get to them. Instead they learn from any mistakes and push forward onto future success.

Mental Tip #1 – Stay Positive

Thoughts have a tremendous impact on the mental game of bowling – perhaps even more than raw skill. Keep a positive attitude before, during and after the game, and try not to fall into negative thinking no matter what happens. One of the best ways to stay positive during a bowling game is to remember to have fun. It is a game after all.

Mental Tip #2 – Focus on Success

The mental game of bowling is all about focus, so be sure and keep your head in the game at all times. Before taking a shot, think about how it will look and feel. When you visualize a great shot, that shot becomes more attainable. Stay focused during the approach, but do not over think a shot. Prepare before the approach and then just do it when you get up there.

Mental Tip #3 – Affirm Yourself

Self talk is a great way to give your bowling game a boost. No matter how the game is going, remind yourself that you can get that strike. And never tell yourself you stink!

Mental Tip #4 – Practice Repetition

There are specific skills involved in a great game of bowling. Consistently repeat the shots that give the best results, both in the game and in your mind. Remember how that awesome shot felt and focus on that feeling. This will help remind you – both physically and mentally – how you bowled that strike.

Mental Tip #5 – Use Your Skills

There is no such thing as a lucky strike in bowling. Strikes happen to bowlers who know the skills involved and focus on exactly what needs to be done to get a great shot. So don’t waste time hoping for a lucky shot. Use the skills you have learned and the strikes will come.